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Need to make a Payment?

We accept the following​:​

  • Cash (in envelope please)

  • Checks payable to 919Green Cleaning  (in envelope please)

  • *Venmo: Pay919Green 

  • Zelle: 919-539-8477

  • *PayPal:

*ALL paypal or venmo must be sent as "Friends & Family"

*Absolutely NO payprotect or "Goods & Servces" will be accepted


Cash and checks are due at the time of arrival, preferably in an envelope on a kitchen counter.


All venmo/paypal balances are due by 8:00 a.m. the day of the service. We like to remind people to pay close attention to this, as it generally costs people an extra $35 because they didn't pay on time.  It is a costly reminder, we are cleaning service not a collection service. 

For late payments,  no payment left for service, e-pay not received by 8am (day of service) or short notice scheduling changes additional fees will be applied.  Please refer to our "Policies" page for more information about fees.


Still not sure?  Call or Email


Cleaning service near me

919Green Cleaning LLC

Mocha Ln

Raleigh, N.C. 27616

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