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Saving Money

919Green Cleaning can help you get a better value out of your cleaning dollar. 

Here are a few ways:

Pick Up  Having your home ready to clean is one, of the two, best ways to to get a value for your cleaning dollar.

  • Toys off the floor

  • Toys out of the bathtub

  • Laundry picked up

  • Dishes out of the sink, etc. 

  • Bathroom counters organized/decluttered

All of these are time consuming, in other words can cause your cleaning rate to go up.  (samples in the gallery)


Go Get a Coffee Having unobstructed access to all areas of the home means 919Green Cleaning can move quickly and efficiently though your scheduled service.  So everyone (mom or dad included) out of the house means time and money are saved.  919Green Cleaning needs approximately 3 hours of an empty home out of every 336 hours... saving us time and you money.


Remember the little things  During our estimate we may have discussed you, the home owner, stripping the master bed (if you wanted linen service).  This may seem like a little thing but all of these little things make a big difference.

Early Bird  7:30 or 8am start time means you save money, everyone and their brother can do an 11:30am arrival.

Refer a friend, Coworker or Complete Stranger 919Green Cleaning will give you a discount as long as the referral continues service with 919Green Cleaning*

Write a Review Write a review on Google, Facebook, Nextdoor or Angi and receive 10% off your next cleaning**


*Exclusions do apply


**Reviews must be written on two of the three sites for 10% discount.  Please email to let us know you have done so.

Go get a coffee (get out of the way)
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