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Safety is a must for you and us.  Here are a few ways to keep all of us safe while cleaning your home.

Climbing  919Green Cleaning does not climb... Cleaning services are only insured to ascend the second step on any stool. This means we are limited, by insurers, as to how high we can climb, hence the "no climbing" rule.  Please do not place our staff in the awkward position of have to tell a customer "No" or disobeying company policy.


Stranger Danger  If you are going to have other service providers in the home please let us know ahead of time. They must have their own access to the home.  We cannot let them in/out.


Guests  Family or friends?  Just let us know.  To operate efficiently we need uninterrupted access to all areas of your home that are scheduled to be cleaned.  Please, communicate this to your guests (we will not ask them to move rooms, we will skip the area they are in)

Mattresses  919Green Cleaning does not flip or rotate mattresses, we do not put on/remove dust/allergy covers, protective covers or make bunk beds.  Beds with inaccessible sides cost extra (sides against a wall)

Windows  While many "independent" cleaners or "cleaning ladies" will clean your windows, be wary.  919Green Cleaning does not clean windows, inside or out, for the simple reason that cleaning companies are NOT insured to clean windows.   It is a completely different insurance, meaning thousands of dollars more per year.  If your provider is not insured for this work they can sue you, the home owner, for medical bills, lost wages, etc. if they were to be hurt cleaning your windows.

New Pet?  We can't wait to meet them.  We have two rescue dogs of our own and work as a foster family too.  But please, let us know ahead of time. 


Personal Information  We request that you do not give out your personal or contact information or request such information from any member of our team.  In doing so you, the client, assume all liability due to the use of such information.




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